The beautiful and romantic town of Nafplio

was the first capital of Modern Greece.  Sightseeing and a walk in the old town will help you to be familiar with its beauties. Argolic Gulf, tranquil and blue, embraced by Peloponnese mountains and regional beach are ideal for romantic walks.

A small rocky islet, on which is built a small fort, Bourtzi, dominates the bay cove in front of the town, inviting you for a boat ride with the boats being in the harbor, and running regularly for visitors.

Palamidi, the gem of Nafplio, built on the top of the cliff, travels you during the Ottoman domination and the Greeks' struggle for liberation. Visitors can visit it via its 999 stairs (Koloktroni’s horse brokes the last one, the 1000th, according to tradition), or via the motorway. The view from the castle of Palamidi is breathtaking, and everyone can admire the whole coastal area of ​​Nafplio and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets of his life.

Akronafplia is the Acropolis of Nafplio, where climbing the many quaint stairs, you can see the chapel of St. Anargiri and "Clock" to admire the view of the town and the rock of Arvanitia (wooded hillside of pine trees) and forwards the organized beach for swimming and walk to a pedestrian walkway to the beautiful area of Karathona.

In Old Town you can see the church of Saint Spyridonas, where Kapodistrias, first Governor of Free Greece, was murdered, the Catholic Church, the Parliament Building, the Archeological Museum, the Syntagma-square, with the big old plane tree, old mosques and the first Cadet School turning, nowadays, into a War Museum.


Polychrissos (Full of Gold) Mycenae

The town and the Acropolis of Mycenae are close enough to Nafplio and it is a place with a great history that is worth a visit.

Known from Homer, with rich culture, it was the town of Agamemnon and his father Atreus, the most powerful of their time, where the most important treasures of mankind were founded. Mycenae was inhabited by the Dorians, continuously until it was destroyed by the Argives. Its treasures are kept in Archaeological Museum of Athens, but the Acropolis with its wonderful Lions Gate and the Tomb of Agamemnon are monuments of our World Heritage, worthy of admiration from around the world. It is approximately 24 kilometers away from Nafplio.



A favorite area for ​​the locals, a beautiful and long beach, located behind the Rock of Palamidi Castle. To get there, you can go by your car or walking the "Arvanitia-path". In the middle of the creek, there is a small island, (Pontikonisi), full of army trees and wild irises. Sandy and clean, Karathona beach is ideal for families to swim, with shallow water, bars and taverns, drinks and relaxation. From this sandy place, you can see the coasts of Kynouria and the castle of Palamidi. Many private parties are organized in Karathona. It’s a perfect beach to spend beautiful evenings in the summer.